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ETH Staking FAQs
Updated over a week ago

Do I need to be holding ETH to participate in staking?
Yes, in order to stake ETH you first need to deposit or buy ETH.

Can I unstake ETH at any time?
Yes, you can unstake ETH at any time.

For more information on how to unstake ETH, please check this article: How do I unstake / withdraw from staking?

How long do I need to wait after staking to begin earning rewards?
Rewards are earned after staking with the next reward cycle. The first rewards can be seen after 12-24 hours.

Can I turn off my auto-compound settings for ETH Staking?
Yes, auto-compound can be tuned on/off in your Staking settings.

What are the advantages of staking ETH on Bake?

  • Stake and Unstake Anytime - there’s no lock up period. You may easily stake and unstake crypto at your convenience.

  • Receive staking rewards in-kind, i.e. in ETH token - less hassle, and rewards can be auto-compounded.

  • Receive Rewards 2x a Day - staking rewards are paid out every 12 hours.

  • Gain Full Transparency On Your Rewards - rewards can be tracked on-chain via a staking address. You may be able to verify here anytime.

  • Benefit from Other Transparency & Security Protocols - as a Singapore-headquartered fintech company, we continuously find innovative ways to provide security and transparency to our users. For more information, you may click here to read about Proof-Of-Reserves and Liabilities or here to read about relevant platform features and protocols.

For more information about Staking, please check our other Staking FAQs.

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