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How long does it take for my deposits to be confirmed?
How long does it take for my deposits to be confirmed?
Updated over a week ago

Deposits do require some amount of confirmations on the blockchain before they can be used.

The number of confirmations required for each coin (on their native blockchain) is as follows:

  • Bitcoin: 2 confirmations

  • Cardano: 30 confirmations

  • DeFiChain: 100 confirmations

  • Ethereum: 20 confirmations

  • Tether: 20 confirmations

  • USDC: 20 confirmations

  • Euro Coin: 20 confirmations

  • Polkadot: 10 confirmations

  • Polygon: 600 confirmations

  • Solana: 30 confirmations

  • Sui: 30 confirmations

  • Litecoin: 8 confirmations

  • Dogecoin: 10 confirmations

  • Bitcoin Cash: 3 confirmations

  • Near: 30 confirmations

Please note: Confirmation times can vary based on network conditions and other factors. Please check with the specific blockchain network or wallet provider for the most up-to-date information.

Please refer to this article if you want to know how long withdrawals take.

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