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Simple Step-by-Step Guide: How to start using Bake "YieldVault"
Simple Step-by-Step Guide: How to start using Bake "YieldVault"
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Entering YieldVault is a piece of Cake! With just a few clicks, you can enter YieldVault and start earning rewards. To get started, just follow these simple steps.

1. Open your Bake mobile app and select Bake on the bottom menu.

2. Once you are in the Bake section, you may select YieldVault.

If you are reading this guide on your mobile phone, you can also click here to get there directly.

3. Next, you will be redirected to this page. It contains a short product description and some of its benefits. You may proceed to click on Start YieldVault.

Once you are on the YieldVault page, please select the asset you would like to allocate.

4. After, you can select your preferred payout. You may choose to get your rewards either in the coin you have chosen or in DUSD.

5. Once you have chosen the payout coin, proceed to input the amount you wish to allocate.

6. On the next page, you can review your inputs before confirming. If everything is correct, you may proceed to press the Continue button.

7. That’s it! The allocation is confirmed.

Once your request has been processed and your entry has been confirmed the status there will be changed from Pending to Complete.
That's it, you have now successfully entered into YieldVault!

For more information about this product, please check the YieldVault FAQs.

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