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Why are bonus awards not available in my region?
Why are bonus awards not available in my region?
Updated over a week ago

Some regions are currently not qualified for bonus awards on Bake since those bonuses have already been fully redeemed for the region. Users that can not redeem bonuses anymore, are seeing a banner with a notice above their dashboard. Those, who see the banner, will not be able to claim any bonus, e.g. referral bonus or Learn & Earn bonus.

1. If I can prove change of residency, am I eligible?

No, this is currently not possible.

2. I see the banner but already deposited and received my bonus, do I need to give it back?

No, everyone who sees the banner and already has claimed and received their bonus before the banner appeared, will not lose it. However, those who have cleared KYC and haven't claimed the bonus are not eligible.

3. Does this affect the product rewards?

Rewards coming from products (YieldVault, Staking, Liquidity Mining, Freezer etc.) are not affected by this.

4. If I am not restricted, but I refer a person from a restricted region, do I still get the referral bonus?

If the referred user is from a restricted region, or the bonuses have been fully redeemed for their region, then the referrer will also not get any bonuses for the restricted referred users.

5. I have a voucher, can I still use it?

External bonuses including partner voucher can still be used.

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