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How does Bake calculate my referral bonus?
How does Bake calculate my referral bonus?
Updated over a week ago

Your referral reward is calculated by:

  • The commission Bake receive from your referral (Total Referred Commission)

  • The total number of friends you've referred to Bake (Referral Badges)

*In some regions, bonus awards are currently not available since those bonuses have already been fully redeemed. Click here for more information.

How much is Bake’s commission of each product?

  • Staking (excluding ETH): 15%

  • ETH staking: 10%

  • Liquidity Mining: 15%

  • YieldVault: 15%

  • Earn: 25%

  • Freezer: 2.25% - 15%

Learn more about the Referral Badges here: Referral Program Overview

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