DFIP Voting FAQs
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When does the voting start and end?

Voting for Bake users will be open for 7 days once voting has started, please check the Bake mobile app to get notified on the start of future voting rounds.

Who is eligible to participate in the voting?

For normal voting rounds, every user who has at least 60 days left in their DFI freezer allocations at the start of the voting round, will be able to participate in the voting. For special voting rounds, all users with staked DFI in freezer will be allowed to vote.

Why do I vote?

Participating in the on-chain governance voting process on DeFiChain not only allows customers to have a say in the future direction of the blockchain, but also provides an opportunity to earn rewards. These rewards come in the form of DFI, the native token of DeFiChain, and are paid out to voters from fees that are contributed by proposers.

Can I vote on the website / webapp?

No, voting is only possible via the mobile app.

You can find our Bake mobile app both on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store:

Is there a reward for voting?

Yes, voters will enjoy DFI rewards from fees that are contributed by proposers (all proposers are required to submit a fee when submitting a proposal - 50% of those fees go to voters). In the normal DFIP voting round, the fee is 50 DFI per proposal. The reward is in accordance with the amount of staked DFI that eligible voters have in their freezer.

For more information about the DFIP Voting, please check our Blogpost: Introducing On-chain Governance: The Implications for Bake Users

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