Voucher Settings FAQs
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Where can I redeem vouchers for my account?

You can find the screen to redeem vouchers in your Settings under the Redeem tab. Or you can get there by just clicking here: Redeem

I have a voucher from the Razer Silver Campaign, can I redeem that voucher in my settings?

No, vouchers for the Razer Silver Campaign can only be redeemed on the Razer campaign page. For more information, please check this FAQ article: Bake & Razer Silver Campaign.

What type of vouchers can I use to redeem?

If we have any promotions or campaigns that use vouchers, you will be able to use it there (with the only exception to the Razer Silver Promotion). You can check all our current promotions and campaigns in this FAQ section.

Can I use that to input referral codes?

No, referral codes can only be inputted during the registration. If you feel that a mistake has been made, please send us a ticket.

I am getting an error when inputting my voucher code, what should I do?

Please try the following:

  • Check if the voucher code is spelled correctly and if you did not mistakenly copy any empty spaces or invisible characters

  • Double check if that code already has been used

  • Make sure that you have a stable internet connection

  • If you are using the mobile app:

  • If you are using the web browser:

  • Try again on a different device (e.g. different PC or mobile device

If you tried all of the above and you are still facing the same issue, please send us a ticket, and specify what error you are facing, what browsers and devices you have used and if possible please provide screenshots in order for us to check this issue further.

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