What makes Bake unique?
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When we were looking at other companies, there were some key features we were missing. Therefore, we decided to respond to the need in the market and are proud to have some significant factors that differentiate us. Here are the most important of them:

  • Transparency: Our operations are fully transparent. You are able to independently verify our nodes and rewards. Unfortunately, loads of other companies only claim to be staking but aren’t in reality.

  • Sustainability: We tightly calculate our fees to offer attractive services to our users. However, we are also calculating so we can sustain for the long run. To secure operations, we f.ex. always first deduct the fix costs before we are taking any rewards.

  • Super simple user experience: Users do not have to worry about pledging or how many more coins required to run a node. It's extremely simple to use.

  • Self-service: Enter or exit Bake any time and on your own terms. You do not have to contact us to sell your staking shares, simply use our intuitive web interface to manage your account.

  • Predictable rewards: When you stake with Bake, you do not stake specifically for each node, you stake for all collective nodes for each coin. This translates to more predictable and consistent returns.

  • Auto compounding: With your permission, we compound your rewards automatically, not every month, week, or day, but every single reward!

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