Recurring Buys FAQs
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What are recurring buys?

Recurring buys leverage the power of dollar-cost averaging (DCA) through automated token purchases at regular intervals. It is a time-triggered purchase used by professional investors to lower average buying prices, reducing price volatility, buying emotions, and the challenge of timing the market.

What are the benefits of dollar-cost averaging (DCA)?

Taking small, incremental steps to accumulate wealth can eventually yield big results over time.

How can I get started and set a recurring buy?

Please refer to our step-by-step guide here: How to set up recurring buys in my Bake account?

How does this complement other Bake products?

Is the recurring buy feature available on the website (desktop)?

Setting up recurring buys is available only on mobile app for both Android and iOS.

You can download our Bake mobile app both on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store via the links below:

Which coins can I choose for Recurring Buys?
Currently, we support the following coins:

  • BTC

  • ETH

  • DFI

More tokens will be coming your way soon.

Is the recurring buy feature available for everyone?

The recurring buy feature is open to all users except for regions that are currently unable to use Bake Services.

How many recurring buy entries am I allowed to make?

Each user can have one recurring buy entry per coin at a time. Once you have created a recurring buy to start on a specific date, you cannot create another entry for the same coin.

Can I change the amount for my recurring buy after I placed the order?

Yes, you can change the recurring buy amount. Simply go into your Profile > Investment > Manage recurring buys, choose the entry you want to change the amount for and then tap Manage on the top right corner.

Can I change the allocation of my recurring buy entry from Fixed Term to Flexible Staking?

Yes, after your entry went into the fixed term staking, you may disable the auto-renewal of that entry. In that case the entry will continue in the flexible staking once the fixed term is expired.

If you want to change the terms length of your future recurring buys: You’ll need to cancel the existing recurring buy entry before you can create a new entry. Please note that if you change the allocation type after the recurring buy has already started, it will be considered a new purchase.

Will the returns that are generated by my recurring buy be auto-compounded?

If you have enabled auto-compound in your allocation preferences, any returns generated from your recurring buy will automatically be reinvested into Flexible Staking.

Is there a spread when making a recurring buy?

There’s a spread of 1% added to the quoted purchase price for each recurring buy.

Are there any additional fees?

Some coins might have additional fees. In that case these will be displayed on the review screen before placing the order.

What are the future plans with Recurring Buys?

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