How can I buy crypto with fiat?
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Buying crypto is a piece of cake! With just a few clicks, you can start taking control of your financial destiny. To get started, follow these simple steps:

On the mobile app

​1) Tap on profile.

2) On the next screen, tap on Buy.

3) Select the coin you wish to purchase.

4) After that, if you are buying BTC, ETH or DFI, you may choose whether you wish to buy one-time or make a recurring buy (DCA) entry. For other coins only one-time purchase is available.
Proceed to choose the payment method and tap on Continue.

Important: Please be advised that fiat payments are currently exclusive to recurring buy entries. For one-time purchases, at the moment, the option is limited to buying using crypto. Other payment methods are coming soon.

5) On the next page you may check and confirm the details and tap on Buy now.

On the Webapp

Please click on the "BUY CRYPTO" button on the top right of your Bake page. Then this pop-up window should appear:

Under "I want to buy" you can choose DFI, BTC, ETH and SOL. Please note, depending on the payment service you select, there might be different cryptocurrencies shown and different procedures / requirements for the purchase.

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