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How can I deposit cryptocurrencies from external wallets to Bake?
How can I deposit cryptocurrencies from external wallets to Bake?
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This guide shows you how you can deposit your crypto from external wallets or platforms into your Bake account. In case you do not own any crypto yet, you can also directly buy different coins through our website. For more information about that, please check this article: How can I buy crypto with fiat?

You can deposit supported cryptocurrencies easily and quickly into your Bake account. Please see the instructions below.

1) Open the Bake mobile app and select Portfolio in the menu below.

2) On your portfolio page, select the "Deposit" button in the menu.

3) On the next screen, select the coin that you want to deposit. You can either search for the coin or select it on the list. (We chose DFI for demonstration purposes).

4) Once you choose an asset to deposit, please select the transfer network (Don’t know which network to choose? Please check this article). Then the deposit address will appear. You can either copy the deposit address or show the QR code if the sending platform supports this.

From your external wallet/exchange, send your coins to your Bake deposit address.

Important things to note when depositing:

  • Please make sure that you choose to send your coins via the correct network, which needs to be supported by both the sending (where you are sending your coins from) and the receiving end (your deposit address on Bake). Please refrain from using any other networks than shown on your deposit page of the coin you try to deposit on your Bake account, as it otherwise will result in the total loss of your transferred coins. For more information, please check this article: Transfer Networks FAQs.

  • Make sure to always double-check the address you are using on the sending end, if it matches your Bake deposit address.

  • Please make sure to send only coins that are supported, and listed in your Bake wallet balances.

  • Only send the selected cryptocurrency to that shown address. Do not send any other coins than the one selected, as this may result in a non-recoverable loss of your coins.

  • Bake does not support deposits of Liquidity Mining / LP Token.

Most coins do not come with any deposit fees. For a detailed list of all coins and their fees, please check this article: What are the deposit fees at Bake?

Deposits require a specific amount of confirmations on the blockchain before they are visible in the wallet and can be used. For a detailed list of how many confirmations are required for each blockchain, please check this article: How long does it take for my deposits to be confirmed?

For more information about deposits, please visit our Deposit Guides & FAQs

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