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How can I withdraw my coins to an external wallet or platform?
How can I withdraw my coins to an external wallet or platform?
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This guide shows you how you can withdraw your crypto to an external wallet or platform from your Bake account. You can easily withdraw your freshly baked coins by following the instructions below.

Mobile App Instructions

  1. Open the Bake mobile app and select Portfolio in the menu below.

2. On your portfolio page, select the "Withdrawal" button in the menu.

3. On the next screen, you will see a list of assets that you hold. Select the asset you want to withdraw. (We went with DFI for demonstration purposes)

4. Once you select the coin, you will be asked to input the desired amount to withdraw. If you wish to withdraw everything, you may tap the “Max” button, alternatively a predefined percentage or manually input an amount. After that, tap the Continue button.

5. On the next screen you will be asked to select or add a withdrawal address.
If you already have previously used and whitelisted addresses, they will appear in a list. If you want to withdraw to one of your whitelisted addresses, choose a withdrawal address from the list and then tap on Continue. (Learn more about how you can whitelist withdrawal addresses here)

(If you already selected your withdrawal address, jump to Step 6 below)

If you want to withdraw to an address that you have not previously used, copy the withdrawal address from the receiving platform, paste it into the field on the top (1) and then the button Add new address (2) will appear. Tap that button and follow the instructions, where you will be asked some questions about the receiving wallet (for more information why we are asking these questions, please check this article). Important: Choose the correct network! Please make sure that the receiving platform supports the network that you selected. (Don’t know which network to choose? Please check this article)

6. Once you have selected or added your withdrawal address, you will see a review screen, where you can check the details of the withdrawal. Please take note of details such as the withdrawal address, amount, and withdrawal fee.

(Pro tip: You can save on the withdrawal fee if you are an ELITE member. In that case you will see the toggle “Make this withdrawal free”. For more information about the ELITE membership, click here. To enroll into ELITE, click here)

If everything is correct, you can proceed and tap the Continue button. After that you will get to the security verification.

You need to confirm the transaction by putting in or copy & pasting your 2FA code (1) from your authenticator application and then tap on the verify button (2).

Please note: If this is your first withdrawal to that withdrawal address you will also need to confirm the withdrawal via a confirmation email that will be sent to you.

After successfully completing the security verification, you will see a confirmation screen.

That’s it, you now successfully withdrew your coins! You can then either tap on Track status in activity to see this transaction in your activity history with its current status or just tap Done. Once the withdrawal is processed you will be notified via push notification and an email.

Web Instructions

  1. Click on the baker's hat at the top right


  2. Click on "Balances" there


  3. Click on “Withdraw" at the Coin you want to withdraw.


  4. Important: Choose the right network! It says exactly which network you can use! Also, please make sure that the receiving platform supports the network that you selected.


  5. Now you only have to fill in the fields with the correct data and confirm.

Are withdrawals processed as Smart Contracts?

Please note that certain networks may involve smart contract transactions. When withdrawing, please take note of the warning and ensure that the receiving platform or wallet supports smart contract transactions to avoid any issues.

Kindly check this article for more information:

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