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How do I unstake / withdraw from staking?
How do I unstake / withdraw from staking?
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If your coins are in staking, but you want to deallocate and have the coins at your disposal, you need to unstake them. This can be done very easily. Please see the instructions below.

  1. Open the Bake mobile app and select Portfolio in the menu below.

2. On your portfolio screen, tap the "Total allocations" bar on the screen.

3. On the Allocations screen, you will see a breakdown of all your allocated funds. Scroll to the Staking section and choose the coin you want to unstake. If you have fixed term (“frozen”) entries, those will be shown there as well. Please note, that fixed term allocations can not be deallocated until the shown term expires. However, if you have a Flexible marked staking allocation, these can be deallocated from Staking at any time. Please tap the Staking row marked with the “Flexible” label, to continue unstaking.

4. On the next screen, tap the Deallocate button.

5. Thereafter you will be asked to input the desired amount to unstake / deallocate. If you wish to unstake everything, you may tap the “Max” button or manually input an amount. After that, tap the Continue button.

6. On the next screen, you will see a review screen, where you can check the details of the deallocation. If everything is correct, you can proceed and tap the Confirm button. After that, you will see a confirmation screen. You can then either tap on Track status in activity to see this transaction in your activity history or just tap Done.

That’s it! You have now successfully unstaked / deallocated and that amount should now be in your available balance.

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For more information about Staking, please check: What is Staking?

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