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ETH YieldVault entries will be moved to Staking - FAQs
ETH YieldVault entries will be moved to Staking - FAQs
Updated over a week ago

After 10 Aug 2023, ETH tokens in YieldVault will no longer be supported. Users that have ETH allocated in YieldVault, will see them automatically moving over to our ETH Staking product.

Do I need to take any action?

It’s a seamless transition, so you won’t need to do anything.

Is there any advantage for me as a user?

The APY of ETH Staking is higher than the one in YieldVault. This means there is a clear advantage for you, as you will get higher returns for your allocated ETH.

When will my ETH YieldVault entry move over to ETH Staking?

On 10 Aug 2023 (2:00 AM UTC) your higher earning rate starts. On this day, your ETH assets will be securely transferred into Staking (from YieldVault).

Will all my ETH YieldVault entries be transferred over?

Yes, all ETH Yieldault entries will be moving to ETH Staking on 10 Aug 2023.

Is there a fee involved in transfer?

No, we will not impose any fees for the transfer. All ETH YieldVault entries will be transferred into ETH Staking free of charge.

Where can I find my ETH after the transfer?

Once the transfer is done on 10 Aug 2023, you will find your allocated ETH on the Staking page.

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