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Proof of Identity (POI) Requirements for KYC (Level 1)
Proof of Identity (POI) Requirements for KYC (Level 1)
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The Proof of Identity part of your KYC Verification Level 1. If you need further information about Proof of Address (POA for Level 2 verification), you can read all about in this Article.

Please upload the front AND back of your national identity card OR the identity page of your passport

Document Requirements:

  • The ID or passport must be a valid government-issued photo identification. Please ensure that the document is valid for more than 3 months from the date of submission.

  • Original color (not black & white or grayscale)

  • Large and clear with good resolution (e.g. minimum 200dpi)

  • At least original size and nothing smaller

  • Only photos or scanned copies are accepted

  • Photocopies or screenshots are not accepted

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