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How do I close / deactivate my account?
How do I close / deactivate my account?
Updated over a week ago

Closing or deactivating your account is easy and can simply be done via your settings, even though it breaks our heart to see you go.

Important: Please make sure to check that you do not have any balance left in your account. If you have, we strongly recommend withdrawing them first.

Deactivating the account is not available on the website. Please make sure to use the mobile app for this guide. Please follow these simple steps to close/deactivate your account:

1. In your Bake mobile app, please go to your settings by clicking the profile icon on the top left and then tap the Your account item.

2. At the bottom of the next screen, you will find the button Deactivate account. Once you are ready, you can tap it.

3. Please read the red text carefully before proceeding. Once your read it and accepted it, please input your password. After that slide the "Swipe right to confirm" slide at the bottom.

(Please note, if you signed up using SSO (Single Sign On) and don't have a password, you need to create a password first. To do this, please log out and tab the "Forgot password" button at the login and follow the instructions)

Once you input your password and move the slider, your account will be deactivated.

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