ELITE - Payment FAQs
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Which payment methods are accepted to enroll in the ELITE membership?

You can pay for ELITE via credit/debit card. We plan to add more payment methods in the future.

What happens if my payment fails on auto-renewal?

Your ELITE membership and the corresponding reward booster will be paused until the payment method is successfully set up again for your account.

Bake will not be liable for any missed rewards/reward booster distributions in such an event.

What day of the month am I getting billed/charged?

You are billed for your ELITE membership at the point of the start of the plan.

How do I update/change payment details?

To update or change your payment details:

  1. Log in to your Bake account

  2. Under Settings, click on ELITE Membership

  3. Click on MANAGE and scroll down to PAYMENT METHOD to enter a new payment method.

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