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ELITE - Benefits & Features FAQs
ELITE - Benefits & Features FAQs
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What is the "Reward Booster" and where can I learn more about it?

The reward booster is a multiplier on the base rewards that you earn by 2X or 2.5X depending on the ELITE membership tier.

We have a whole FAQ article about the Reward Booster. To learn more about it, please check this article: ELITE - Reward Booster FAQs.

Where do I get the priority support email address and WhatsApp support number?

The details for the priority email address and/or WhatsApp support number (if you joined ELITE yearly) will be shown on your ELITE membership page (under Settings).

How does the free withdrawal benefit work?

  • For ELITE yearly:

    • You get to enjoy 4 free withdrawals over the 1-year course of the membership plan, available on all networks (including Bitcoin and Ethereum).

    • That means that you can choose when to use the 4 free withdrawals.

  • For ELITE monthly:

    • You get 1 free withdrawal at a time for every 3 consecutive months of membership on all excluding Bitcoin and Ethereum networks, starting from the 2nd month.

    • What that means is that you can make a free withdrawal only at the start of the 2nd month (or billing cycle) of your membership plan.

    • After you’ve used the free withdrawal, the next one will be available 3 months later.

    • If you canceled your ELITE membership halfway through, the 3 consecutive months count restarts.

For illustration purposes, say you joined ELITE monthly on 1 April 2023:

  • You are eligible for a free withdrawal starting on 1 May 2023, the 2nd month of your ELITE membership.

  • If you use the free withdrawal on 1 May 2023, your next free withdrawal is available from 1 Aug 2023 onwards.

  • If you decide to wait and use the free withdrawal on 1 June 2023, your next free withdrawal is available from 1 September 2023.

Does the ELITE free withdrawal benefit stack with the VIP program free withdrawal(s)?

No, VIP users who are also ELITE members will enjoy the free withdrawal benefit under the ELITE program.

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