KYC Verification Levels FAQs
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General Questions

Where can I see my verification level?


Your verification level can be found under the tab Account verification in your settings. If you want to get there right away, click this link: Account Verification.

What access do I have at the different verification levels?

  • For Global Users:

  • For Singapore Users:

How can I increase my verification level?

If you are verification level 0 or level 1, please go to your settings under the tab Account verification, and follow the instructions given there to get to the next verification level. If you are verification level 2, then you already have reached the highest verification level and no further action is required.

Withdrawal Limit Questions

Please note: The following questions do only affect non-Singaporean users.

If I am a Verification Level 1 user, how much can I withdraw?

If your verification level is level 1, you can withdraw up to $10000 USD worth of crypto every month.

Why are my withdrawals limited?

For risk management and regulatory compliance purposes, we introduced multiple levels of user verification and withdrawal limits. After completing Level 2 verification, withdrawals are not limited.

Can I see somewhere how much of my withdrawal limit I have already used?

Yes, you can see the amount you have used and the remaining amount you can withdraw on the withdrawal page of the asset.

When will my withdrawal limit reset?

The withdrawal limit is based on the monthly calendar. The limit resets at the beginning of every month.

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